List of the Best RSS Feeds Submission Sites

An RSS feed is a good way to get your site, page or Blog back-linked and indexed. An RSS feed submission site will let you create a way for people to back link to you automatically, and allow you do promote your future articles as you update your feed with new content. This can all be done in a relatively short amount of time.

Helps me get indexed? Pull the other one

You are quite right to be suspicious. Nowadays it seems that every new thing will improve your visibility and get you indexed. So here is how an RSS feed in a directory may help you achieve both.

Let’s assume that you have a new website, and you have linked to that page from another website. Maybe you entered a link to your site on an advert or conversed on a forum and included a link to your website. A few people have searched using Google, regarding the information you spoke about and the Google. So the Google bots have indexed at least one of your pages.

Now you add your RSS feed to a directory and people start subscribing. Searching for and finding your feed on a directory helps to lead the Google-bots to your site. They already know your site exists, so they slowly start to index your site further. If your site is competently internally linked then you are indexed a little quicker too.

It increases your chances of being more visible on Google because a regularly updated feed indicates to Google that you are updating your site frequently. Google likes people who update, so will increase your Page Ranks accordingly.

So having your site entered on a directory won’t put you on page one of the Google search results, but it won’t hurt your visibility either.

Creates Backlinks, You are having a giraffe, right?

Quite true. Entering your feed onto a feed directory will not get you backlinked directly, but if people are using your feed to see your recent updates, then the fact they are looking at your material may inspire them to link to you of their own free will. So yet again, a feed directory submission has no active powers to help your website or Blog, but it has potential passive power.

Is there a way to get people to backlink automatically?

Yes, but they are not very effective. The most current affective way is to simply ask, “if you would like to link to my site/Blog” then copy/paste this link onto your site.


Here is a list of a few feed directories.

4Guys from Rolla

ASP Index

Auto Feeds

Educational Feeds









Finance Investing Feeds


Government Feeds


Medical Feeds



Political Feeds


Realty Feeds

Religious Podcasts

RSS Mountain

RSS Verzeichnis





Science Port




Sports Feeds

Submit Feeds


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