How to Use RSS Feeds for Marketing a Website

DON’T market your feed. TV producers do not advertise their channel. They advertise the things on it. You do not need to advertise your RSS feed. You need to advertise the things on it. Then highlight your RSS feed to show people that they can come back and see your site again.

Your best marketing tool for your RSS feed, is to be sure that people know what they are, and how to use them. Make sure your viewers know the information below.

What is an RSS feed?

The RSS feed is a file that is updated whenever new content is produced on a site.

How can I use RSS feeds?

You need a feed aggregator; a program that allows you to subscribe to the RSS feed service. When you find this icon you can subscribe to the RSS feed by copying the link into your RSS aggregator. With the Explorer browser, for example you can click a link to subscribe to a feed, and then a box will come up and ask you if you would like to subscribe. You can then click okay and it subscribes for you.

If your browser does not have then function then place your mouse cursor icon onto the RSS feed and right click the feed and click “Copy Shortcut”. You will then need to paste the link into your RSS aggregator when required. With this simple action you have subscribed to your RSS feed.

How can I get a feed aggregator?

Below we offer a list of feed aggregators that you can find for free on the net. Some can be used directly from the Web while others will need to download and install the software on your computer.

1) FeedReader

2) Linux – Netnewswire Lite

3) Windows – Sage

Ÿ4) Plug-ins Mozilla – Straw

5) Plug-ins FireFox  & ThunderBird – USSR
These ones you get for a fee.

1) FeedDemon

2) News Reader (Google)

3) Mac OS X

4) Windows – Netnewswire

I have windows on my Pc

If you are like me then you have windows installed on your computer. It has “Internet Explorer”, the big blue “e” that you click on to bring up your internet. When your browser appears, you will see a small star on the top right. Click the star or press ALT+C. This brings up your “favorites”, “feeds” and “History”. Under the “feeds” section, you are able to access the RSS feeds that you have subscribed to.

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