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How to Submit RSS Feed to Google

Adding your RSS feed onto the Google personalized homepage is probably a good thing, but there is no guarantee that it will gain any more interest as a result. Either way you will need to sign up for one of their personal accounts and log on. You must then find the “add content” link and creation sections. Input the URL of your RSS feed and click the add link, Then on your personalized homepage you will see that your feed and the most recent three items that you added to it. You will only see the recent addition titles, where obviously if you click on them then you will be directed there. Again, even though Google are aware of your RSS feeds existence, there is still little proof that it actually does anything to help gain more readers.

Google Chrome was released in 2008. The version presented a major design ingenuity (inconsistent bookmarks management, lack of functions to export the bookmarks) and it did not support RSS Feeds. The user who wants a Browser with RSS feed support that has several alternatives on how to browse, such as with Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. The people who want to use Google Chrome at all costs, has three options:

1) Bookmarklet feed finder tools. People who hate the plugins can successfully use the bookmarklet. Drag the bookmarklet in the address bar and click it when you visit a website. The bookmarklet analyzes the site you are searching and picks up a link to a page offering a RSS feed.

2) Chrome Plugins to identify RSS feed. RSS Subscription Extension seems a better choice than a simple bookmarklet. It ‘a plugin that adds icon RSS feeds to HTML format and content of an RSS feed.

3) Browse with Google chrome and use other browsers for RSS feed matters.

If you want to get your RSS file published then name it with an .XML extension. Validate it using an online tool or website to help you. Upload the .XML file to your web server. Copy the classic RSS button onto your web directory. You are going to have to link the button the RSS feed subscription via the HTML in your page. The great thing about having an RSS feed is that it gets around the spam and junk filters within emails. They are also more convention for the user because they do not have to keep checking the website for updates.